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Negombo Chess Festival 2017

CFSL Approved 3rd NEGOMBO CHESS FESTIVAL Prospectus-leaflet

Dear chess lovers,

The time has come for the 3rd Negombo Chess Festival (NCF) 2017!!!

After the statistical analysis of NCFs and other local rated events, we found that the local rated events will be overflow of 1000-1200 category!, less 2000+ players!!

That is why we increased rating categories;
unrated, 1000-1100, 1100-1200, 1200-1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800 and 1800-2000 (7 rating categories).

We offer 5000/- and return the entry fee 1000/- for 2000+ local rated players after completing the event(all rounds). We respect our top 2000+ players and we know their effort and time is invaluable. This is just a beginning and we hope the offer will be increased in future.

Our senior chess players will be attracted by 50+ category and this initiative will increase the quantity of Annual Senior Citizens Event.

It is our responsibility to give opportunity for vision impaired SL players to expose to local rated events, to expect more performance of them in the international events. It is a challenge to provide their requirements as set by FIDE. We hope this start will be continued with improvements in future events.

1st time in open rated events we introduce 2 team places. 1st one is Mercantile. The players can represent any cooperate sector organization(CSO) under their approval. For this we consider ONLY private sector organizations (NOT government services). Our objective on this is private sector will sponsor the players to build their brand in Chess. The 3 trophies we distribute are belongs to the representing organizations. Minimum 3 players should participate from a CSO and we consider top 5 players of each CSO to find the best 3.

Same way, we deliver 3 trophies for Higher Education Sector and our objective of this is to provide an oppertunity for University students to prepare for the university games in addition to increase 18+ players for NCF 2017.

No medals other than Gold, Silver and Bronze as Sri Lanka Chess approves. 40 gifts for Kids Under 6,7 to motivate them as this is the 1st rated event of most of them.

1st NCF – ~220 participants, 2nd NCF ~350 participants, 3rd NCF we expect ~400 participants. We are happy if we get the participants such that the unrated players get, their rated opponents’ average rating above 1200 (to open the rating).

Be witnesses for a quality event!
Be with diversified chess segments!!


Marlon Fernando
for FMTJ -NCF Organizer


August 20 2017


Start: August 20, 2017
End: August 24, 2017
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  1. Reply

    How can I enter this event.
    I want to enter this event but I have know ratings
    Can you please participate me in this event by my details stand by
    Name ,,,,S.a. Rometh sending
    Age ,,,, 11 years
    School ,,,,,, Negombo south international school

    • Reply

      Hi Rometh, Please send an email with entry form shows in right bottom of detail image and sent to given email address in above prospectus image (Below special offer section)

  2. Reply

    How do I enter for the open international rating championship held in Kandy Aug 25-30 th. How do I register & what is the entrance fee.?? Is there an age limit.?
    Thank you

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